Twin Peaks Day 2019

“Diane, 11:30am., February 24th. Entering the town of Twin Peaks…”

In the Twin Peaks universe, it’s been 30 years since the untimely death of Laura Palmer, and the arrival of Special Agent Dale Cooper to that iconic, and strange yet wonderful northwest town. Of course, next year will mark the 30 year anniversary of the show itself, but this still counts as a pretty big milestone and it’s one I couldn’t help but acknowledge. Why, you might be wondering, am I acknowledging it on this blog, though?

Twin Peaks was what originally brought me to Tarot – which brought me to moon cycles and astrology and everything else I discuss here on Lila Luna. It’s an integral part of my journey and one that deserves my love on this particular day. So, in honour of 30 years, I decided to create a Twin Peaks-themed Tarot spread.

The spread was designed based on a few of my favourite quotes and iconic themes from the show, and wound up being about learning how to move on. It’s perfect anytime you’re having trouble letting go of something – a person, a painful experience, or even an idea that’s no longer in alignment with your path.

Though I included a self-made spread in the Imbolc article from earlier this month, the Twin Peaks spread was something I created way back in January. So, it’s technically the first spread I ever created; it’s certainly the most in-depth one, with 8 cards and in a shape that matches the Owl Cave symbol!

I’d love to get your feedback if you give it a go. Let me know: Did it resonate with you? Was it easy to follow? Would you use it again?

I had to try it for myself, of course, and the results were very interesting. Read on for details about how to do the spread, and to see my findings from the process of crafting it.


There’s Some Fear in Letting Go: A Twin Peaks Tarot Spread to Help You Move On


1) Time and Time Again:

What are you having trouble letting go of?

2) A Fish in the Percolator:

What’s preventing you from letting go of it?

3) The Owls Are Not What They Seem:

What are you missing about the situation?

4) A Journey Both Wonderful and Strange:

What positive lessons from this situation can you take with you on the path ahead?

5) Coffee & Cherry Pie:

How can you nourish your soul to find the strength to move on?

6) Let’s Rock:

What actions can you take to start the process of moving on?

7) Bookhouse Boys (& Gals):

What resources or networks can you rely on during this time?

8) My Log Has a Message for You:

Guidance and wisdom from your Higher Self/Spirit/Guides/Universe.



As mentioned, the shape I chose is based on the Owl Cave symbol. I tried to do something coffee or cherry pie related, or even a mountain-like shape, but none of those ideas were meshing. That said, if you have a favourite symbol or shape related to Twin Peaks-like, maybe just a zigzag? – feel free to adapt the layout to fit your needs!


TP Spread 3

Sample Reading

For a bit of context, and in the interest of full honesty, the results I’m about to share came from my third go around with this reading (and this was back in mid-January.) You see, in my first two attempts I pulled a few cards I wasn’t overly thrilled about, and I proceeded to scrap the readings and go again. I do not advocate this and feel a bit foolish for doing it. I don’t regret it though, because I wound up learning a pretty good lesson: trust the process!

In the photo above, you’ll notice three Queen of Pentacles cards. It’s a card that I’m very attracted to, and would like to pull more of its energy into my life. So, I’m trying this new thing where I have a few of her hanging around while I do readings. During the first two iterations of this test reading, I pulled the Queen of Pentacles in the exact same position: what are you having trouble letting go of? The first time I pulled it, I thought, “Nah, that can’t be right, let’s do this again.” When she turned up in the same spot the next time – after a healthy shuffle and picking cards completely randomly – I was both stunned and feeling a little reprimanded. The Universe was like, “listen, witch, you need to hear this.”

I ignored her, again. Like a fool.

During the third iteration when I turned over the Four of Cups and saw the figure being all stubborn, and petty, and closed off, I just laughed. I knew it was me and I was being a whole jerk for not listening. The rest of the reading basically clarified what I’d been resisting and why I was doing it. The experience left me feeling even more deeply connected to the cards, but also pretty pleased with the creation of this spread overall. Here are my basic interpretations of what came up.

1) Four of Cups – I was being stubborn and closed off. I couldn’t let go of the idea that maybe there was something off about my desire for / connection with the Queen of Pentacles. I wasn’t ready to take a closer look at why she might not be the right kind of energy for me right now. I was holding a grudge against my beloved cards that I needed to let go of, and quick.

2) Page of Cups – (Funny how a card with an actual fish turned up in this position!) The Page is on her way to being a master of emotions and intuition, and she has a lot of potential, but right now she’s in a kind of emotional “immaturity” where, if she’s not careful, her emotions will be quite scattered. This tells me I need to work on controlling my emotions during readings and to not let certain cards provoke such a reactionary response. This lack of control was certainly in my way.

3) Five of Swords – The figure on this gives me “slimeball” vibes. He clearly won whatever battle just took place, but at what cost? And did he even deserve to win? Was the conflict worth these swords he now has? I take this to mean that by ignoring the first two readings “I won” but what did I gain from that? Right now, I’m identifying a lot more with one of the figures who’s walking away with their head hung low, because, in fact, I’m the loser here. Maybe I’m all three figures, and what I didn’t realize at the time was that by ignoring the first two readings, I was only creating conflict within myself.

4) Ace of Swords – Well I’ve certainly had a bit of a breakthrough about not ignoring cards. Honestly, this isn’t the first time I’ve ignored a reading – and it’s not the first time the cards have been right all along, either. But this time I feel like I’ve had some real mental clarity surrounding the situation and I can carry that with me moving forward. The wreaths on the sword might also symbolize that, just by admitting the error and using my communication skills to start a dialogue about it, I’ve achieved a small but important victory for myself.

5) The Lovers – What a nice card to see in this position! In this context, I’d take The Lovers to symbolize self-love and forgiveness. To take the blessing the angel in this card offers and be reassured that, yes, mistakes were made, but they can be remedied. It could also be telling me to be a little more vulnerable in my readings; being comfortable in my own skin, and being sure to make choices that are in alignment with my soulful journey moving forward. 

6) Page of Wands – Maybe I need to get a little more creative when I see card combinations I’m not too stoked about. I need to remember my passion and enthusiasm for learning Tarot, and fuel that into every reading. As an action I could take right away, this might be a sign that I need to go back to the beginning of this very journey – as in, the reading itself. Perhaps I could intentionally pick the Queen of Pentacles for that first position and then see what the other cards have to say. 

7) Eight of Cups – This might be the kind of situation I have to navigate on my own, which makes sense considering it’s all in reference to ignoring myself and my process. No one can really help me with that if I don’t put the effort in. It might actually mean I need to shed some relationships or feelings that are no longer in alignment with me in this current phase of life. At first glance, the Eight of Cups seems like a real downer of a card, but I can’t help but see the positive spin: the figure is determined AF. No matter how long it takes, they’ll find the path that’s right for them. Perhaps the Eight is pushing me to rely on my inner resources rather than external ones; to keep looking for the right path no matter how long it takes. 

8) Queen of Cups – I love seeing this card. When I first started reading, she would turn up, a lot, in really positive positions. So now whenever I see her, it just makes me feel like I’m on the right path. And the same can be said for now, when she represents wisdom and guidance from my Higher Self. She’s saying I just gotta keep following my intuition – turn that Page into a Queen, baby! Something about the way she gazes so lovingly at her chalice really spoke to me this time around, too; maybe I need to make more space for turning inwards before readings. Getting in touch with my subconscious and my intuition before a reading, will no doubt help center and relax me, getting those scattered emotions under control so I can be better equipped to deal with certain cards that turn up. Most of all: trust the tools!

I’d love to hear what you think of my results, or, if you do the spread for yourself, I’d love to know what comes up for you. Thanks for reading, lovelies!


*If you’re interested in more Twin Peaks content, check out this piece I wrote highlighting 30 of my favourite things from the show – characters, episodes, styles, locations, quotes, and more – in honour of the 30 year anniversary.

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