Retrograde Reflections

We’re now a few days into the first of three Mercury retrogrades in 2019; how is everyone feeling? Anyone dealt with communication mishaps or misunderstandings? How’s the technology in your life currently behaving? Have you experienced a state of mind that’s more day-dreamy than usual?

Any or all of those things could be related to Mercury and its seemingly backwards crawl through our skies.

Seemingly because, though from our point of view on Earth it looks as though it’s moving in reverse, it’s actually just a slight trick of the eye. A faster-moving planet has caught up with and moved passed Mercury, making it only look like the planet has gone backwards. It’s very similar to being a passenger in a car that has suddenly sped up while the car next to you remained still, making it look as though that car went in reverse even though we know that’s not what happened.

So, what does Mercury being in retrograde even mean? Well, a lot, really.

This is a planet that influences our day-to-day expressions and communication, travel, and social networking. It helps coordinate our thought processes and ideas; it analyzes, sorts, and groups things together to help us make sense of the world around us. Our personal relationships with Mercury will depend entirely on where it’s found in our birth charts. (You might have even been born during a Mercury retrograde, which shakes things up even further!) We all have different styles of communicating and taking in information, as well as different areas of life where we tend to focus our attention; all based on that natal chart placement.

In short, when Mercury goes retrograde it’s a time to slow down and focus. Honestly, it’s a gift from the skies that reminds us to take care and be attentive. How many mistakes have you made in life simply because you were rushing, or didn’t give an idea or decision the thorough thought process it truly deserved? Use this time of reflection and more cautious movement to your advantage as much as you can. Recharge and recuperate. Start storing your energy for the end of March and beginning of April, when Aries season begins and brings with it the fire, passion, and motivation to Get. Shit. Done.

The effects of Mercury retrograde get even more specific depending on what sign the planet is visiting while in its retrograde. This time around it’s in Pisces. Which means the idea of slowing down is even further emphasized.

Piscean energy is dreamy and creative and kind of otherworldly – linear thought process and super logical thinking aren’t at its height right now. So, just go with the flow wherever possible. Allow yourself to dream and worry about the actions to take later. Take notes, make To-Do lists, and ground your ideas so they don’t float away, but try not to take action on anything new until April. Now is a time for focusing in on things you’ve already started; dotting every I and crossing every T until you’re sure it’s right.

I’m not going to dive any deeper on retrograde specifics here, because there are plenty of full-time astrologers who can explain (and have explained) it better. In fact, let me direct you to some podcast episodes from Embodied Astrology and Soulshine Astrology which are two fantastic resources for getting more familiar with all things cosmos.

The purpose of this article is simply to keep an account of the happenings during this 24 day retrograde. It’s the first time I’m experiencing the transit while being conscious of its existence, and, since I love to track things, I figured this would be a great opportunity to see exactly how the event impacts my life. So, be sure to keep checking back in over the next few weeks – or keep an eye on my Instagram – as I’ll be adding new stories as they occur.

As always, I want to hear from you, too! Get in touch via the comments to let me know what’s going on in your world during this Mercury retrograde.


March 6

My printer, which I purchased less than 2 months ago, stopped working. It’s a wireless model and, apparently, it somehow lost connection with my WiFi. I couldn’t help but laugh upon learning this: how more on point could it be to have a tech mishap that was literally based on a block in its communication? All I could do was tip my proverbial hat towards the printer and say, “well played, ma’am!”

Was it annoying? Of course. But it was also a pretty obvious sign that I was doing something I shouldn’t at that moment in time. See, I was meant to be working on an article for this very blog but, instead, I was trying to print something that wasn’t urgent and would probably have distracted me from the task at hand. So, I turned off the printer and went back to writing. It turned out to be a very productive morning, where I accomplished far more than I originally set out to do.

When I was ready to take a break, I figured I’d give printing another shot – maybe what happened earlier was a fluke and the printer would be perfectly fine when I turned it back on. No dice. Still no connection. Fine, I thought, I’ll go through the setup process, despite how frustrating that seems right now.

Honestly, the whole thing turned out to be relatively painless aside from the time investment it required. Here’s the bonus: I know my printer better than ever now and feel far more capable of handling any future problems with it. And I really do believe it stopped working so I could be reminded to get back to work and focus on what really mattered.

March 26

You guys, nothing has been happening that I feel could have been caused by Mercury’s Retrograde! Here are a few options for what I think might be going on: I’ve been super lucky over these past few weeks, this kind of planetary transit just doesn’t affect me, I am wildly out of touch with this kind of thing (probably not, though), or I really just wrapped my head around the idea that communication and thought processes wouldn’t be as “easy” and I put myself in a prepared headspace.

As the days passed by and nothing happened, I contemplated removing this post altogether. However, I keep coming back to the conclusion that leaving it here might serve as a positive message; Mercury Retrograde doesn’t have to take our power away! Not only that, if you don’t experience anything during these periods it doesn’t make you any less “in tune” with what’s going on around you, which I was also feeling from time to time – as if there isn’t already enough pressure on all of us these days! And, if you are a person who has a rough go during these times, I don’t mean to take anything away from your experience, and I hope you are practicing lots of self-care!

The official Retrograde period ends in just two days on the 28th, but many people also experience a “shadow” period for about a week afterwards. So, who knows? Maybe I’ll still have something to report back on…and maybe I should go knock on some wood!

April 2nd

Okay, here’s my final update for this first Mercury retrograde of 2019. But, um, I don’t have much to report! I’m starting to wonder if being a water sign (Scorpio) with a ton of water in my birth chart, makes it easier for me to ride the waves of a Mercury Retrograde happening in a fellow water sign? It’s an idea I look forward to “testing” out during our next Mercury Retrograde later this July. Starting on July 7th, Mercury will be Retrograde in Leo (a fire sign) until around the 19th when it moves into Cancer (a water sign) where it will stay until the 31st. I’m interested to see what energies arrive while we’re in the fire part of the Retrograde, and how they might shift as we move into the water portion.

How was this Mercury RX for you?



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