Relax Into The Void

The Moon is calling. Will you accept its invitation? Are you ready to build trust with darkness? To find peace with your shadow? To get comfortable in the uncomfortable?

Here’s your chance to relax into the void. Don’t just dip your toes. Dive in. Plunge into the depths of your being. What do you see? What do you feel? What do you just know?

Forget about direction. You can only swim the right way here. This journey is a spiral. Lose yourself in its curves. Lose yourself in the act of being. Let the tides of unknowing carry you.

It’s scary at first. You can’t see in the dark. A new awareness must be learned. Take a breath & descend deeper. You can do this. The Moon wouldn’t have invited you otherwise.

Your inner ocean is vast. It’s at once all-consuming & greatly liberating. Its enormity both frightening & empowering. Let the space embrace you. Embrace the space. Let The Moon open you up. Relax into the void.

This is a wilding. This is a re-connecting with your inner moon. This is learning to live in tune with the cycle of the skies. With the cycle of your very being. Let it all wash over you. And sink deeper.

It’s been silent for some time. Silent for enough time that silence has developed its own sound. There are messages in the silence. Messages that flow freely towards & through you. You’ve opened to their presence.

They come in shapes & colours. Patterns & symbols. There aren’t bound by logic. They belong to the Heart & Soul. You know the truth of The Moon’s transmissions because they’re yours, too.

Silence. Void. Knowing. Relax.

Something clicks. Something changes. Something shifts from deep within you. A hand appears in yours & begins to pull you up. Up towards the light. Up towards illumination.

The light reveals it was your own hand guiding you during ascension. You didn’t need rescuing. You were there for yourself all along.

You thank the darkness. You bow to the profound experience it offered. You know you’ll be back one day. But no journey through The Moon looks like the last.

You know now that while it may be the darkest it’s not the hardest. You know now that without it, The Sun could never shine as bright. That clarity would never feel so right.

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