Aries New Moon Tarotscopes

Here are your New Moon in Aries Tarotscopes!

For those of you unfamiliar with Tarotscopes, they are essentially the same as a horoscope, except with Tarot cards. As with horoscopes, you can feel free to read the Tarotscope for your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs. Doing so should offer a bigger picture of the energies that this first phase of a new lunar cycle is bringing your way. I’d love to hear what resonated and what didn’t – so please feel free to connect in the comments section.

Happy reading and Happy New Moon!



Aries – Seven of Wands

Sometimes life requires us to put our foot down. To stand up for ourselves. To draw the line in the sand and declare, “we are here and we deserve to be.” Showing up for ourselves is practicing good self-care, and taking up space is our birthright. This New Moon is asking you, my lovely Aries folk, to be honest with yourselves: could this struggle you’ve been facing be an internal one, rather than an external one? How liberating if so, since you hold the power to changing this energy. If it’s external, this too shall pass, just keep doing you and assert your sovereignty.

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Taurus – Four of Wands

Lucky for you, Taurus, this New Moon is bringing the energy of celebration and relaxation for you. Perhaps you have some recent accomplishments that deserve a celebration? Or maybe you’ve been meaning to make time to connect with friends and loved ones? Now is the time to take a beat, acknowledge how far you’ve come, and maybe even get a little wild! It never hurts to take a break – even a quick one – to get grounded, indulge in a few comforts, and recharge our batteries so we can go full steam ahead for the rest of Aries season.


Gemini – The Tower

Don’t freak out, Gemini, The Tower might not be a walk in the park, but it’s always the path to massive growth and expansion. This is your chance to clear away whatever is no longer in alignment. Whatever gets burned away wasn’t serving you anyways and you’re way better off without it. Trust the fire. Let that shit you don’t need burn. You may want to set an intention at this New Moon that involves expanding on your self-care practices – or introducing them if they are non-existent – so you can be gentle on yourself during this intense time.



Cancer – Strength, reversed

There is an opportunity for you to face something that scares you – internally or externally – but you may feel you lack the support necessary to do so. Open yourself up to receiving that support from friends or loved ones; you don’t have to do this alone. Facing up to what frightens us is also a path to deepening the trust we have in ourselves. Perhaps your intention at this Aries New Moon can involve putting more faith in your Soul – learning to hear when it says Yes AND No.


Leo – King of Pentacles

This King is your invitation to start cultivating a solid understanding of what you want and need out of life – at least for now. It’s an opportunity to grow your abundance – not just in a financial sense, either – so that you can provide for yourself while giving back to others from a place of genuine generosity. Leo, make this New Moon about fostering your abundance. Showing gratitude for all you have now is a great way to show the Universe you are open to receiving more.


Virgo – Two of Swords

Two things: intuition and boundaries. There may be too many external voices swaying your decisions. It’s time to get quiet, to remove yourself from the noise of distractions, and get down to the simple – yet totally complex – act of listening. All of the answers you seek are within. Silence is golden right now for tapping into those answers, and if that means putting some distance between you and whoever/whatever is making the noise, so be it. Make your New Moon about taking time for yourself.


Libra – The High Priestess, reversed

Either you’ve been over utilizing external resources, in search of answers you know you’ll find within yourself. Or, perhaps you’ve been feeling a bit of radio silence from your inner voice lately? Either way, it seems this New Moon is your opportunity to practice relaxation. You can cultivate, nurture, and strengthen your intuition, but you can’t force it to sing for you. Back off for a little bit, loosen your grip, and everything will naturally soften.


Scorpio – Knight of Wands

Scorpios, here is your invitation to take on the challenges of the world. This Knight is your ticket to adventure and passion. Now is the time to set new projects in motion and to feel super jazzed about it while doing so. Take some risks and feel the joy that comes along with them. This New Moon is bringing you all the charm and allure you need to walk through your challenges with verve.


Sagittarius – The Hanged Man

It’s not always easy to welcome the energy of this card into your life. Being able to just hang around, waiting until we get that signal to move ahead, honouring divine timing, is a lifelong lesson for most of us – especially in the hustle-focused kind of world we live in. But the lesson is one we must learn if we’re truly interested in evolving during this lifetime. Here’s your chance, Sagittarians, to move from an Ego-centered perspective to a Soul-centered one.


Capricorn – Ace of Swords

Mental clarity, epiphanies, breakthroughs; the potential of new ideas are buzzing in the air all around you, Caps! The Ace of Swords gives life to clear communication. This is the perfect time to write that article you’ve been meaning to get to, give that speech you’ve been too nervous to give – just get your message across in whatever way feels right to you. Secondary, yet still essential to getting this message across, is that it pursues the truth of something.


Aquarius – The Hermit, reversed

A lesson in stillness. A sign to slow down. An invitation to be present. All of which you may be feeling very impatient about right now, dear Aquarians, but this is your invitation for the Aries New Moon. You may not feel like pausing right now, or maybe it’s that you’ve been too distracted to pause; know that shifting into a space of relaxation, even for just a night, is exactly the medicine needed to take on the rest of Aries season with more fire and less burnout.


Pisces – Knight of Swords

Fast-paced, swift action might not be your usual style, Piscean, but the Knight of Swords brings the kind of movement that requires us to put our heads down and Get. Shit. Done. Plant seeds at this New Moon to be ambitious, determined, and quick on your feet. Perhaps there’s a project or goal you’ve been slacking on or felt unsure of when to set it in motion. This Knight is here to say: Now! Let’s go!

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