Scorpio Full Moon Tarotscopes

The next Full Moon will be exact on Saturday, May 18th
at 2:11 PM (PT) / 5:11 PM (ET)

There’s a couple of reasons I’m pretty excited about today’s Full Moon. Being a Scorpio myself, I have a bit of a bias towards the days when the Moon is transiting this sign. Since this is the first time I’ll actually be celebrating a Full Moon in Scorpio, I find myself very intrigued to see what kind of energies it brings – what kind of transformative possibilities it holds.

Scorpio tends to dig deep and finds joy plumbing the depths of life’s mysteries. This Saturday might feel a little intense for anyone who typically shies away from these activities, and my best advice would be to surrender to the flow of life as much as possible. It’s coming, so you might as well not fight it, right?

The other reason I’ve been at peak anticipation for today is that it marks the official opening of North Node Tarot! I am so excited to start working with all of you, and to dive deeper into both Tarot and Astrology in order to help folks find their path and purpose.

For now, I’m offering generalized readings of 2 – 5 cards, which come to you in a beautiful PDF format, and highlights the basics of your North Node placement. You can also choose to add-on an audio file of your reading and a more in-depth North Node report. In the future, I’ll be offering customized North Node readings, as well as monthly planning readings where the cycles of the Moon will be taken into consideration as well.

For example, I planned to open North Node Tarot on May 18th because it was going to be a Full Moon – which is a great time for launching projects – in the sign of Scorpio – a time when transformation is coveted – with the Sun in Taurus – to give the project a nice sense of grounding in the Earth sign of values and finance.

If you want to stay informed of when new offerings become available, be sure to sign up for my newsletter. You’ll also get some sweet discount codes from time to time, as well as regular Tarotscopes – my subscribers receive North-Node-customized ‘scopes for each New and Full Moon, always a few days in advance of the actual event, as well as at the beginning of each Zodiac season. I’m sharing these Tarotscopes in honour of North Node Tarot’s opening day, but they’re typically a newsletter exclusive!

Now let’s move into the main event: your Scorpio Full Moon Tarotscopes. For those of you unfamiliar with Tarotscopes, they’re essentially the same thing as a horoscope, except with Tarot cards. These ‘scopes were written with your North Node sign in mind – and fairly highly customized as such – but please feel free to read for your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs. As always, my philosophy is to take what works and leave the rest!

Happy reading and Happy Full Moon!

Not sure what sign your North Node is in? Check out this extensive list based on birth month and year.



Aries – Page of Pentacles RX

An adventure of profound self-discovery is calling out to you. In fact, it may have been calling out to you for quite some time now and you simply haven’t noticed. Or, perhaps you have noticed but have been unsure of how to act on that internal craving that’s begging you to dive deeper. The Full Moon in Scorpio brings with it such big transformative and inquisitive energies so this may be the perfect time to take that plunge. Start small if necessary and simply ask yourself: why have I been resisting this journey? A North Node in Aries calls for leadership and cultivating a deep understanding of self; the journey of the Page of Pentacles could be just the ticket to getting you closer to this goal.


Taurus – Queen of Cups

A North Node in Taurus calls for embracing the practical and tangible; for cultivating a thorough understanding of your values and living by them wholeheartedly. The Queen of Cups – a deeply inward, receptive, and intuitive energy – seems contradictory to this goal, but it makes almost too much sense for it to appear as your message at this Scorpio Full Moon. Scorpio is the sign of your South Node, and I believe this Queen has shown up to encourage you to release some of that tendency to always retreat so deeply within yourself. That’s not to say you can never work with this card’s energy – it’s important to examine our inner mysteries and practice receptivity – but it may be preventing you from focusing on the important work of grounding yourself in the “real world.”


Gemini – The Hierophant

Anyone with their North Node in Gemini typically has a deep understanding of their bigger picture in life; they know what they stand for. Sometimes, though, that view can become a little too rigid when it hasn’t been afforded the chance to grow and evolve with the person themselves. The Hierophant is your invitation to reevaluate the thoughts and beliefs that make up that bigger picture. Does it all still align with your current Truth, or does it need restructuring? Though the Hierophant calls on us to be our own teachers, to trust our inner wisdom beyond anything else, it’s also essential for a North Node Gemini to be flexible and open to hearing the opinions and ideas of others before turning inward to make up their own minds.


Cancer – Ten of Pentacles RX

The end of a particular journey is in your sights, but certain steps must be taken to bring it all to fruition. With your North Node in Cancer, you’ve been called to embrace your compassion and the softer sides of life; to unburden yourself of feeling solely responsible and to cultivate deep relationships with loved ones and community. While the Ten of Pentacles in reverse is a sign that the end of a cycle is near, it also invites us to call in the help of those around us whom we trust most to aid us in getting to that finish. We may be ready to harvest the fruits of our labour, but are unsure of how to go about it or may not even have the right tools to do so. Use this Full Moon to determine who’s on your trusted team and call them in for assistance.


Leo – Knight of Pentacles RX

In reverse, this Knight signifies a bit of impatience; a worry that we’re not moving at the right pace. I think this can be common for anyone trying to follow their North Node path, since it can sometimes feel so wholly opposite from what we’re used to. With your North Node in Leo, removing yourself from the group to focus more on your own needs and fostering self-expression might feel disorienting, or even patience-testing from time to time. The Knight of Pentacles in reverse is an invitation to trust that you are exactly where you need to be in this moment. Don’t worry about how you used to move through the world, concentrate on how you’re doing so now. Use this Full Moon to release any worry that you’re not doing enough or moving at the right speed along your path.


Virgo – Page of Wands

This Page is an invitation to honour all that you’re passionate about, by bringing a mature and grounded energy to the actions you take towards those passions. It’s a call to let go of impulsivity for the time being, in order to ensure the way you’re moving through the world is in highest and best for everyone – including yourself. This is a fantastic reminder for someone with their North Node in Virgo, since part of your calling in this lifetime is to pay closer attention to the details; to root your decisions in the practicality of everyday life. This is a time for grounded expansion. Use this Full Moon to reconsider what projects, relationships, decisions, etc., might benefit from a closer look and a little less spontaneous energy.


Libra – King of Swords

An invitation to speak your truth, no matter the cost; no matter how easy it would be to remain silent. The King of Swords encourages you to trust the message within your heart, gather your strength, and tell the truth. Not only will you feel better to have released the words from inside you, these kinds of Truths often have the power to heal those who hear them – or at least offer the chance for healing. With your North Node in Libra, you find no qualms in leading like this. You may find it easy to speak up in such daring and bold ways. The trick is learning how to use this energy for the good of the team. Perhaps it’s about helping others find their own voice, strength, and clarity so they might speak their own Truths, too.


Scorpio – Page of Cups

The energy of this Full Moon may be stronger for those with their North Node in Scorpio, since the Moon is channelling the sign’s energies so directly down to use here on Earth. Since its energies bring such transformational and inquisitory vibes, this may be your perfect opportunity to start exploring the part of your North Node calling that encourages cultivating deeper bonds with the intangibilities and mysteries of life. The Page of Cups bolsters that idea by offering the invitation of dropping deep into your imagination and dream space; to contact the part of yourself that knows you’re connected to something so much larger in this Universe. Follow your intuition at this Full Moon, do something magical or otherworldly, connect with your inner child and learn from its wisdom.



Sagittarius – Nine of Cups

Traditionally known as the wishing card, the Nine of Cups represents a period of gestation. There’s something we’re growing and nurturing, tending and caring for, that might relate to a desire or hope we have. It’s a precious space where we’re invited to not only dream about what could be but to acknowledge the work we’ve done to get us here. A time where we can take a beat to root ourselves in the joy we’ve already created and to be hopeful about what’s to come. With your North Node in Sagittarius, this Nine might be encouraging you to get a grip on the bigger picture. You may have a knack for small details, but this Full Moon could be the perfect time to consider what’s beyond the fine print of your life. Though we usually plant seeds of intention at the New Moon, the Full Moon is a great time for reevaluating how those intentions are manifesting. Don’t be afraid to tweak your intentions and goals in a way that allows you to step outside your comfort zone, to make the things you’re dreaming about come to fruition on a larger scale than you’d previously excepted.


Capricorn – Queen of Wands

There’s a certain magnetism, a vivacity to the Queen of Wands. It’s a card that invites you to step into your most authentic self, which tends to bring about a deep sense of confidence. Embodying the Queen of Wands isn’t so much about taking action, but rather just exuding all that makes us our most real selves. In that way, we lead by example, which is part of the journey for anyone with their North Node in Capricorn. You may find it easier to nurture the needs of others before your own, which is beautifully selfless and not always a bad thing, but it can become when it comes at the expense of your own identity and stability. Use this Full Moon to tap into the Queen of Wands within you; find your independence and get grounded in the goals that matter most to you.


Aquarius – Ace of Wands RX

Is there something you’re passionate about, that you’ve been wanting to share with others, but haven’t quite figured out how to do so yet? Perhaps you feel a bit too nervous to share it? Or, maybe you wish you had something to share but have been feeling blocked and creatively stagnant as of late? The Ace of Wands in reverse is your invitation to first determine why you’re unable to share these passions, and then take the necessary steps to move into a place where you feel comfortable and prepared to do so. Because whatever you have to share deserves to be out there. Your unique voice deserves to be heard. With your North Node in Aquarius, the trick is finding a way to be open with your self-expression in ways that benefit everyone’s highest and best. Could your passions be used to help others cultivate their own? Or to make the world a better place in general?


Pisces – Death RX

Every single one of us has had an experience where we felt resistant to change or transformation. They can be really tough to go through. But if we could focus more on all the growth and expansion they lead to, maybe we’d fear them a little less. Maybe we’d be able to see that nothing ever really dies, things simply shift form. It’s like the Log Lady from Twin Peaks said: “You know about death; that it’s just a change, not an end.” This change is the letting go of something that’s no longer serving us, so we can make space for that which does. The Full Moon and the days following are the perfect time for releasing what no longer resonates, and since the Death card is ruled by Scorpio, I’d wager a guess you’ll have some extra help from all the energies encouraging you to embrace this transformation. With your North Node in Pisces, it might be harder for you to loosen your grip on the material plane and surrender to the natural movements of life. Here’s your chance to begin the work of letting go.

I hope you found some resonance in these messages. I’d love to hear your thoughts, so please feel free to get in touch.

Happy Full Moon, lovelies!


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