Aquarius Full Moon Tarotscopes

Starting with today’s lunation, I’ll be offering Tarotscopes at each New & Full Moon right here on my blog! I won’t be sharing much on the specifics of each event – the themes of the sign and other planetary aspects that might be influencing the Moon. If you’re looking for something more in-depth like that be sure to sign up for my newsletter, as that’s where I dish out the full goods! Subscribers also get access to their Tarotscopes two days before a New or Full Moon so they have plenty of time to let it all sink in. Plus, they also receive my collective reading for each Zodiac season – which is subscriber-exclusive content! Sign up here for the newsletter.


For those of you unfamiliar, Tarotscopes are essentially the same thing as a horoscope, except with Tarot cards. It is important to note, however, that I am not taking any specific planetary transits or aspects into consideration – like a horoscope would – all of the information is based solely on the card I’ve pulled.

Still, I write these using the signs of the Zodiac as an easy format in which to provide more customized messages. I write them with your North Node placement in mind, but please feel free to read for your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs also. Hell, read for your Mercury placement if you like; as always, my philosophy is to take what works and leave the rest!

Happy reading!

Not sure what sign your North Node is in? Check out this extensive list based on birth month and year. 


Today’s Full Moon takes places at 22 degrees of Aquarius and is exact at 5:29 AM PT / 8:29 AM ET/

Nine of WandsAries – Nine of Wands
The final countdown. You are in the last stretch of a particular journey and you may be feeling a little worse for wear. It’s been a tricky and trying time getting to where you are, and the last thing you need right now is another obstacle. You’re not sure how you’ll navigate the roadblock when all you really want to do is relax and watch it all float away. But here’s the thing: would it really be worth it, at this stage in the game, to stop and walk away? When you’re this close to achieving what you set out to accomplish, would it be fair to both past and future You to let it slip away? Even though it hasn’t been an easy journey, you’ve learned so much along the way. So much, in fact, that you probably already have the tools you need to overcome this obstacle. At this point, you can make obstacles your stepping stones. Just keep your eyes on the prize and stay focused. It’s all going to pay off very, very soon.

Ten of SwordsTaurus – Ten of Swords
The dark before the dawn. A wonderful card to see on a Full Moon, when the energy in our skies is primed to help you let things go. This card is your signal that a cycle of thinking has come to its end. Whatever beliefs or thoughts you’ve been clinging to, trying to make them applicable to your life even though it’s clear they aren’t benefitting you anymore, it’s time to release them. There is nowhere else to go with these thoughts, you have played them over in your head, or tried to communicate them, to death. They are useless and only holding you back. It’s time to start thinking about your situation or a particular project from a new perspective. Try a new tactic. If you’ve been thinking that “A” must be the right path forward but “A” hasn’t been getting you anywhere, then it’s time to try “B” or “C” or even “Z.” The point is to shake up anything to do with your thoughts, communication, and beliefs. This is a liberation from stagnancy.

Ace of PentaclesGemini – Ace of Pentacles
A new beginning. Something is on offer to you at this Full Moon that could be the start of a journey towards abundance. This journey won’t be all rainbows and roses – the Pentacles suit is about hard work, where we must stay grounded and focused on our goals – but the end result holds much promise. Consider the seed of a redwood tree, about how much potential radiates out from its small self, and how over time it will transform into something incredible. That kind of growth is the same energy residing in this Ace. However, while it’s all well and good to say Yes to new opportunities, and to understand how much effort will be expected for it to pay off, it’s another thing entirely to SEE where those opportunities are being presented. They may appear in strange ways, or from places you wouldn’t expect. So, it’s equally important to pay close attention during this time, so you can be sure you’re open and available to any seeds the universe might be offering. All you have to do then, is reach out and take them.

King of Wands

Cancer – King of Wands
Let your vision shine. If you’ve got an idea for something, now is the time to start getting serious about it. The King of Wands is sending you the precise energy you’ll need to bring your unique point of view to fruition. To make your visions tangible. This King asks that you make space to tap into the very essence of YOU, in order to channel information only you could possibly bring into the world. Set aside time to journal, to meditate, to draw, to write, to do whatever is required of you to make moves and set the ball of your great idea in motion. This is your trailblazer moment. This is your time to shine and maybe even change the world. The right ingredients are all at our fingertips; your only task is to combine them in a fresh, exciting, new way. You’re on the precipice of something big, and you might wind up sparking the creativity of generations to come by sharing your singular inner flame. Shine on!

Six of Swords

Leo – Six of Swords
Give and take. The message of this Six often depends on which figure in the card calls more deeply to you in that moment. If you resonate with the person steering the ship, this may be a time when your services are needed in your community. There may be a person, or people, in need of your ability to navigate calmly through the storm. You may have a vantage point, an outsider view, that can help them through whatever issues they may be facing. It’s time to step up and be a leader in your community! If you feel more like the people sitting down in the boat, this is a time for you to reach out and ask for help. You may know on some level that this change, this transition you’re going through is for the better, but there are still some beliefs and thought patterns holding you back. What you need is the opinion of someone you can trust. Someone who can look at the situation with clear eyes and help you shift perspective. Don’t be afraid to ask for assistance; one day you’ll return the favour and steer the boat for someone else.

Two of Swords

Virgo – Two of Swords
Closing two eyes to open a third. This is a great time for seeking clarity, for weighing your options, but it must be done through looking inwards. External resources or validation are not useful at this stage. The path to understanding, to real awareness at this Full Moon must come through silence, meditation, and patience. Remove yourself from the noise of distractions, and get down to the simple – yet totally complex – act of listening. The combination of swords, the water, and the Moon in this card’s imagery signifies that rational thought must be balanced with intuitive feeling. Sometimes we need to rely on our gut to make decisions, at others we count on our intellect to guide us through, but now is a time when a healthy balance of both is required. Silence is golden right now for tapping into that balance, and if that means putting some distance between you and whoever/whatever is making the noise, so be it. When your choices start to feel aligned in both heart and mind, you’ll know you’ve chosen the best course of action to move forward.


The Empress

Libra – The Empress
Learning to say Yes. The act of receiving isn’t something that comes easy for most of us. Learning how to accept what others have to offer us, with both the understanding that we deserve it and without feeling the need to immediately give back, is typically a lifelong lesson. Whenever The Empress appears, we’re given the chance to work on this skill. We’re provided with an opportunity to look around and see where life may be prompting us to receive, and where we might be ignoring that prompt. It might be as simple as receiving a compliment (an appropriate one, of course) without shutting it down because of our own insecurities. Perhaps it’s allowing someone to cover the dinner bill without feeling the need to say, “My turn next time!” Or maybe it’s about something much bigger. Maybe we need more support in an area of life, and though someone may have offered to help, we turned them away. Only when you allow yourself to be open to these possibilities, does the gift of abundance have room to flow in.

Three of Pentacles

Scorpio – Three of Pentacles
The dream team. There’s a very unique harmony to be found when working with the Three of Pentacles. One that’s only possible when a particular synthesis between you and your team has been found. It’s something which can be attained when everyone involved in a project – or even just a friendship – is doing their version of Soul Work. When everyone is contributing the distinct qualities and talents they have to offer. Consider the figures in the card: the stonemason, the designer, and the investor each have their own important role to play, and swapping those roles isn’t an option. Now is a great time to assemble your squad and work together bring something to life that could never quite be the same had you all worked separately. Something that as a whole is greater than the sum of its parts. If you normally work alone, this card may be your signal that it’s time to bring others on board, people who can fill the roles you aren’t meant to fill. Just because you wrote a book, doesn’t mean you know how to design a cover for it.

Six of Cups

Sagittarius – Six of Cups
Keeping your heart open. The Six of Cups invites you to let your walls down in areas of life where you may have been closed off for some time. It will hold your hand as you step into a space of renewed hope, a space where you can open yourself back up and rediscover the true YOU. Rediscover interests and other things that bring pure joy to your life. There’s a tenderness inherent in this space because you’re still learning to trust that it’s okay to be open and authentic once again. But you can. Trust your inner child – let them guide you. Look deep within yourself for your core honesty and follow the path that truly lights your heart up. Sometimes this Six suggests nostalgic feelings, and as long as it’s a productive nostalgia and not the kind that makes you dwell, let it all flow in. Go ahead and reminisce. Think about something that brought you the kind of joy where you felt so completely in alignment with YOU, and figure out how to integrate that into your daily life more often.

Eight of Pentacles

Capricorn – Eight of Pentacles
Slow and steady wins the race. This card can take you from a novice to a master if you’re willing to put in the hard work. There are no shortcuts when it comes to the suit of Pentacles, but it’s also a path to great abundance. So, what activities and hobbies do you feel called to become an expert at? What skills and talents are you ready to finely sharpen? Maybe you’re ready to take the next step towards furthering your career? Whatever it is, this card invites you to dedicate yourself wholly to the task – to understand that it’s going to take time and persistence. You may have to perform a particular set of tasks over and over again until it becomes natural to you. The repetition may seem tedious, but it’s also what gives truth to the adage “practice makes perfect.” And perfect ain’t such a bad place to land after putting in all that hard work. What you gain from this experience – whether its knowledge, skills, confidence, a different perspective, etc. – has the potential to change your life forever.

The Moon

Aquarius – The Moon
Relax into the void. This card is your invitation to get comfortable with the uncomfortable. To explore the depths of your very being and make peace with your shadow side. Don’t just dip your toes. Dive in. Plunge into those depths. What do you see? What do you feel? What do you just know? This isn’t the hardest card of the Tarot but it is the darkest. Meaning, to truly work with The Moon’s energy, you will experience the sensation of being in the dark. Of being in a space of not knowing. The best thing to do is stop treading that proverbial water and let yourself sink down. Sometimes this means confronting something from your past. Sometimes it means there’s something within you at present that needs preparation for the future. Working with The Moon is a re-wilding, a re-connecting with your inner moon. It’s re-learning to live in tune with the cycle of the skies. With the cycle of your very being. It’s a time of getting quiet and simply feeling your way through life, for as long as necessary.

The Hanged Man

Pisces – The Hanged Man
The waiting game. The Hanged Man is a reminder that sometimes we need to pause, to wait until we are truly ready to express a message that is aligned with who we are. That we don’t always need to be rushing from one step to the next. Sometimes, what’s in our best interest is to just wait. It may be uncomfortable at times. It may even be a little boring and tedious, but to learn this kind of patience is priceless. This card is a signal that we need to shift our perspective on what’s in front of us. Do we have blinders on? Could we take those blocks away and open ourselves up to greater possibilities? Are we actually capable of more than we once thought? In this way, The Hanged Man can help us prepare for change. It can help us to see that, though change may be uncomfortable, the benefits, the evolution that comes with it are always worth it. This card allows us the space to experience grief and its stages, but at the end of it all comes an enlightenment that will carry us through whatever comes next.


I really hope you found some resonance in these messages. I’d love to hear your thoughts, so please feel free to get in touch: or leave a comment below!

Happy Full Moon!

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