Aries Full Moon Tarotscopes

The next Full Moon will be exact on the 13th of October at 5:07 PM (ET),
and will take place at 20 degrees of Aries.

Based on your Rising Sign and using the Whole Sign house system,
here are the areas of life this Full Moon may illuminate:


Aries – (1st) identity, appearance, attitudes, habits, behaviours, personal projects, leadership, ambition
Taurus –  (12th) rest, retreat, downtime, working in private, reflection, spirituality, mystical pursuits, closure, surrender
Gemini – (11th) social connections, friendships, networks, community, hopes, luck, activism
Cancer – (10th) career, professional goals, reputation and public roles, success, higher calling, discipline, responsibility
Leo – (9th) travel, adventure, faith, meaning and purpose, knowledge, education, self-discovery, expansion
Virgo – (8th) finances, investments, debt, taxes, couple or family finances, retirement planning, regeneration, desire
Libra – (7th) relationships (romantic & business), other people in general, one-on-one work, negotiation, trust
Scorpio – (6th) health & wellness, work routines, daily duties
Sagittarius – (5th) creativity, happiness, children, joy, play, romance, courage
Capricorn – (4th) home, family relationships, living arrangements, the past/family history, security, emotionality
Aquarius – (3rd) self-expression, communication, writing, teaching, social media/networking, curiosity, mindfulness
Pisces – (2nd) money, cash flow, income, personal values, self-worth, possessions

Now, onto your Full Moon Tarotscopes!

For those of you unfamiliar, Tarotscopes are essentially the same thing as a horoscope, except with Tarot cards. It is important to note, however, that I am not taking any specific planetary transits or aspects into consideration, all of the information is based on the card I’ve pulled.

Feel free to read for your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs…. Hell, you could even read for your North Node, Mercury, or Venus placements if you like. As always, my philosophy is to take what works and leave the rest.

Happy reading and Happy Full Moon!


Ten of CupsAries – Ten of Cups
A chapter or journey in your life is coming to a close, and its end has brought with it a beautiful sense of harmony and alignment. First of all, congrats! You’ve been working hard for this, and when I say “working” that’s not at all limited to your career or the things you do to make money. I’m talking about any progress you’ve been striving towards in any aspect of your life – though because this is a Cups card, I would bet it has something to do with your emotions, creative or spiritual pursuits, or some kind of healing. Whatever it is, you’ve made real strides and you deserve this picture-perfect moment to celebrate. Take stock of how this serenity and wholeness feel, so you can store some of it away for a day that doesn’t feel so harmonious. Allow that internal glow to radiate outwards – you never know just how much of a positive ripple effect it might have. Enjoy the here and now, soak up every last bit of it, because a new chapter or journey of your life is always just around the corner.


The WorldTaurus – The World
On the surface, life may seem quite linear. We get a little older each day, and we can discern the past from the present, the present from the future. When you really think about it, though, we live in more of a spiral than a straight line, experiencing recurring cycles and repeating patterns on the regular. In certain areas of life, we’re advancing, while in others we’re just beginning. When we reach the end of one chapter, a new one is always ready to begin. Accepting and trusting in this spiralic way of living is quite liberating. It means that we can experience our “Happily Ever After” multiple times throughout life – before “after” truly even comes. It means we have the chance to always be learning and improving, to keep accomplishing and achieving. The World is our reminder that these cycles are more than just a simple repetition; they’re chances to keep growing and evolving. More than that, this card is an invitation to celebrate whatever cycle may be coming to a close, and to reflect on the opportunities it provided before we enter the next stage of the beautiful spiral.


Eight of WandsGemini – Eight of Wands
This Full Moon is bringing very transformational energy your way, but the ultimate outcome of that transformation hinges on whether or not you can allow yourself the space to be in transition. It can feel disorienting, even frustrating when we’re just in the middle of it all. When everything is just sort of “up in the air” with no concrete idea of when or how they’ll land. It’s like knowing you have a package on the way, but the company forgot to send you a tracking number. The thing is, you know the package is coming because you’ve put some level of trust into the transaction you made. And if you can trust in something so external, you can absolutely lend some of that good faith your own way. Trust that whatever you’ve got going on is, in fact, moving – this Eight says it’s moving swiftly, too – and that all you need to do is keep moving in the direction that feels right. Take action in the areas where you can and try to stop focusing on the areas where you can’t.


Three of PentaclesCancer – Three of Pentacles
When someone writes a book, they typically don’t edit their own work or design their own book cover. Normally, there’s a team of people that help bring the book to life. A team where each member offers their unique talents, the thing they excel at, to help the finished product shine. It’s a collaborative effort that creates something more holistic than would have been possible if the writer had worked alone. Now, teamwork isn’t easy for everyone. For some, it can feel like a compromise not worth making, but when the Three of Pentacles comes calling it’s an invitation to rethink that perspective. We can’t all be good at all the things, and carrying the weight of that belief can be heavier than we might think. When we allow others into our lives who bring different points of view and expertise, the possibilities of what we can achieve expands wider and wider. Perhaps this Full Moon is a perfect time to consider what your projects and goals are potentially lacking, and how involving a teammate, or teammates, could be a huge benefit to them.


Page of WandsLeo – Page of Wands
Find someone who looks at you, the way this Page looks at their Wand. Seriously, the Page has such a deep admiration for their Wand – which is essentially a symbol for your passions, your creativity, your inspirations, or anything that really lights you up. This Page is ready to further explore their passions. They’re ready to go exploring and discover something new for themselves. It’s a card that signals a period of expansion but in a very grounded manner. The invitation here is to keep seeking, to keep taking action, but to do so in a way that keeps both your feet on the ground. Your decisions and movements need to be considered. This is not a time to be impulsive, or for taking leaps into the unknown. Right now, it’s ideal that you see several steps ahead of you. You can still embrace your free spirit, and you can absolutely still trust your intuition, but try your best to remain future-focused while doing so. Navigate your passions in a more careful, purposeful way.


TemperanceVirgo – Temperance
At the root of the word Temperance, we find the words moderation and restraint. Moderation is something many of us try to practice, and sometimes self-restraint becomes necessary when we’re unable to find that balance. This Full Moon is bringing all of these themes your way, and offers you an invitation to slow down and reassess where you might need to employ these strategies in your life. Perhaps it’s been all work and no play lately, or vice versa. Maybe you’ve been indulging a little too much and you’d like to get a handle on your vices. Whatever it is, this is your opportunity to find a happy medium between the excesses. Temperance isn’t about being perfect or even abstaining from certain activities – unless that’s in your own personal highest and best – it’s about the integration of self and finding a way to balance the parts of you that want to work all day every day, with the parts that need rest and rejuvenation. It’s a time that requires patience and trust, but always rewards us with a renewed sense of self and greater purpose.


Seven of WandsLibra – Seven of Wands
This Full Moon is a great time to reflect on what you’re fighting for in this lifetime, whether or not it’s productive for both yourself and anyone else involved, and how you might adjust if necessary. Sometimes it’s essential for us to protect ourselves and others, like when standing your ground for something you believe in or keeping something or someone safe. Other times, the things we feel so protective over don’t actually need much protecting. Our hackles are up in those situations, but they actually needn’t be. Honesty is usually the best policy in general, but it’s particularly important when this Seven shows up because discerning whether we need to hold our wands steady or loosen our grip on them is our only way through this energy. Take a step back from the situations where you feel you’re on the defensive and reassess why you’re there. Is there is a legitimate reason you need to be alone up on that hill, protecting yourself, your ideas, your ideals, people you love, etc.? Or is it time to relax a little and release some of that Ego? Can you climb down from that hill or help boost others up to your level? Either way, this is simply a chance to redefine your defense mechanisms.


Four of PentaclesScorpio – Four of Pentacles
A lot of people interpret this card as being a sign of possessiveness and controlling, a symbol of greed and stinginess, or a signal that we’re shutting ourselves off too much. While all of this might be true in some circumstances, we have to ask ourselves what’s going on beneath the surface? Sometimes, a greedy person is just a shitty, greedy person. However, some folks who appear greedy are actually just clinging to all they have out of fear. Fear that if they let go, they might never have these things again. Fear that if they release even a bit of control, they’ll lose the safety and stability they’ve worked so hard towards. The invitation here, Scorpio, is to ask yourself which side of this equation you fall on right now. It might be necessary for you to cling to your coins (jobs, health, actual money, and other Earthly possessions) right now, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Just be careful of when this control starts to feel rigid and severe, to the point where you start blocking your own self off from the world. Stable and safe doesn’t have to mean closed off, there’s a happy medium to be found there.


Queen of PentaclesSagittarius – Queen of Pentacles
Take a moment to check-in with your body. What is it calling out for? It could be as simple as a glass of water or a few deep breaths. Maybe you’ve been too busy to eat a healthy meal, or you haven’t had time lately to treat yourself. Regardless of what it is, the invitation here is to get quiet, listen to what your body needs, and follow that guidance. We are so much more than our bodies, but the reality is that if we want to live life on this planet, we must take care of the Earthly vessel we’re travelling around in. We need to nurture it as best we can and treat it like the temple it deserves to be. Life can be hectic and sometimes self-care isn’t always on the day’s schedule. When the Queen of Pentacles shows up, though, it’s a gentle reminder that your body is in need of attention and it’s time to listen up. Make some time during this Full Moon to treat your body to some of its most pressing needs. That could range anywhere from taking a bath, to sitting on the couch all day, to getting out for a hike, or even making a Dr.’s appointment. There are myriad ways this card can manifest, so the most important thing to do is listen.


Five of SwordsCapricorn – Five of Swords
The ultimate, “thought it was a good idea at the time” energy, this card usually signals that you’ve done something you’re not exactly proud of. It doesn’t really matter what happened, the point is that you took a wrong turn and it’s left you feeling like crap. Here’s the thing though, and it’s clichéd but true, to err is only human. We ALL make mistakes from time to time because perfection is only a myth. In fact, mistakes may be one of those few things that connect on as human beings. Each and every one of us can understand what it’s like to feel regret and even shame for something we’ve done. This also means we all know how hard it is to pick yourself up and turn that regret and shame into something more positive. So, if you’re feeling as though the road back from whatever mistake you’ve made doesn’t exist, think again. The first step is deciding you want to walk down it, the next is owning and taking responsibility for your mistake, and from there you can determine how you’ll do better in the future. Take a minute to re-center yourself and then take that first step.


Seven of PentaclesAquarius – Seven of Pentacles
Tom Petty was definitely onto something with his lyric, “the waiting is the hardest part.” Consider the act of growing vegetables, for example. Sure, there’s a ton of hard work that goes into preparing the soil and the actual planting of said vegetables, the watering and the fertilizing. But once that’s all taken care of, what then? Then it’s a waiting game until our veggies start to sprout. Yes, we have to take care of them as they germinate, but that’s not as much direct action as we took during the planting stage. Waiting is uncomfortable for a lot of us. We don’t know what to do with ourselves during this somewhat liminal space of time, and it can compel us to rush through; to pick the tomato before it’s ready to be harvested. The thing is, then you get a subpar tomato that’s simply not as good as the sweet, juicy tomato you could have had if you’d just waited a little longer. That lesson is the gift of this card: a reminder to practice patience and trust in the timing. Your projects, goals, etc. will all ripen in good time, and you’ll reap the rewards if you can just wait.


The MoonPisces – The Moon
This Full Moon might be the perfect opportunity to take it easy, dear Pisces. To take some time to focus on you, your emotions, and whatever healing you’re working through right now. The Moon is often a symbol that our subconscious is calling out for attention. Something needs to come to the surface and we need to address the emotions that come with it. The Moon isn’t always a comfortable energy to be in, at least when we’re fighting its invitation, which is to find comfort in the uncomfortable. Do your best to surrender to this invitation; relax into the void this energy creates. Use this time to explore and make peace with your shadow side. Don’t just wade in the void either, dive in. Plunge into those depths. What do you see? What do you feel? What do you just know? Working with The Moon is a re-wilding, a re-connecting with your own inner moon. It’s re-learning to live in tune with the cycle of the skies. With the cycle of your very being. It’s a time of getting quiet and simply feeling your way through life, for as long as is necessary. Remember: the Sun and all its illuminating clarity always follows the Moon.


I hope you found some resonance in these messages. As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts so please feel free to reach out – let me know how you’re celebrating this Full Moon! I’ll be back in two weeks with your Tarotscopes for the Scorpio New Moon…a New Moon I’m looking SO forward to as a Scorpio Sun & Rising!

Until then, Happy Full Moon!


“Every day, once a day, give yourself a present. Don’t plan it.
Don’t wait for it. Just let it happen.”

– Dale Cooper, Twin Peaks

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