Cancer Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse Tarotscopes

The next Full Moon will be exact on the 10th of January at 2:21 PM (ET), and will take place at 20 degrees of Cancer.

As many of you may already know, this Full Moon is also a (Penumbral) Lunar Eclipse – the 5th Eclipse of 7 in this series, happening on the Cancer-Capricorn axis. Just as Full Moons tend to heighten our emotions far more than a New Moon, a Lunar Eclipse is much more emotionally charged than a Solar Eclipse. They tend to trigger culminations and nudge us (some more gently than others) towards finally moving on. We may find ourselves feeling more sentimental than usual, as memories and echoes of the past arise. A Lunar Eclipse is like three Full Moons in one…so buckle up and go easy on yourself.

I’ll be taking some time this Friday to reflect on how these Eclipses have impacted my life since early 2019. How they’ve helped me to release old patterns and embrace new ones, and the ways in which I hope to continue evolving until the last Eclipse of the series in early July. If you haven’t already, it might be worth your time to see what houses Cancer and Capricorn rule in your chart, and join me in reflecting on how those areas of your life may have undergone some shifting and changing over the past year. I hope these Tarotscopes will help to guide you through the energies!

Based on your Rising Sign and using the Whole Sign house system, here are the areas of life this Full Moon & Lunar Eclipse may illuminate:

ARIES – (4th) home, family relationships, living arrangements, the past/family history, security, emotionality
TAURUS – (3rd) self-expression, communication, writing, teaching, social media/networking, curiosity, mindfulness
GEMINI – (2nd) money, cash flow, income, personal values, self-worth, possessions
CANCER – (1st) identity, appearance, attitudes, habits, behaviours, personal projects, leadership, ambition
LEO – (12th) rest, retreat, downtime, working in private, reflection, spirituality, mystical pursuits, closure, surrender
VIRGO –(11th) social connections, friendships, networks, community, hopes, luck, activism
Libra – (10th) career, professional goals, reputation and public roles, success, higher calling, discipline, responsibility
Scorpio –  (9th) travel, adventure, faith, meaning and purpose, knowledge, education, self-discovery, expansion
Sagittarius – (8th) finances, investments, debt, taxes, couple or family finances, retirement planning, regeneration, desire
Capricorn – (7th) relationships (romantic & business), other people in general, one-on-one work, negotiation, trust
Aquarius – (6th) health & wellness, work routines, daily duties
Pisces – (5th) creativity, happiness, children, joy, play, romance, courage

Now, onto your Full Moon & Eclipse Tarotscopes!

For those of you unfamiliar, Tarotscopes are essentially the same thing as a horoscope, except with Tarot cards. It is important to note, however, that I am not taking any specific planetary transits or aspects into consideration, all of the information is based on the card I pull for each sign.

l free to read for your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs….you could even read for your North Node, Mercury, or Venus placements if you like! As always, my philosophy is to take what works and leave the rest.

Happy reading, Happy Full Moon, and Eclipse Blessings!

Aries – Five of Pentacles
This Eclipse may bring some buried anxieties to the surface for you, dear Aries. It may leave you unsure of yourself; unsure of how you got to where you are and unsure of where you’re supposed to go next. The Five of Pentacles is not a comfortable feeling, to be sure. It lacks the warmth of those periods when we’re deeply sure of our purpose. When we’re actively striving towards and consciously living in alignment with the Why of why we’re here. But we wouldn’t be human if these times of contraction never appeared. Unfortunately, they’re necessary – at least to a point – and all it takes is a shift in perspective to see that these times of contraction are actually a signal that evolution and expansion are just around the corner. These contractive states are just our brain’s way of trying to keep us safe. By inviting us into worry and fear we turn away from risk, but also from reward. Do your best to remember this light at the end of the tunnel, should these empty feelings arise. Of course, a lot of this is much easier said than done, especially when you’re in the thick of anxiety and can’t see through to the other side at all. In those situations, try to channel the tension into something productive like cooking, cleaning, or just creating something with your hands. Feel the energy move through and out of you and become inert, no longer able to influence or occupy you. And don’t be afraid to ask for help – you DO NOT have to carry this weight alone.  

Taurus – Two of Pentacles
A time of transition is upon you, Taurus. Things in your world are shifting and changing, and you are learning to find the right balance in your new way of being. It’s okay to say no to things right now; to more projects and commitments, and even time spent away from home. You’re plate is probably already pretty full and there’s no need, no pressure to add more. A time will come when you can once again easily juggle all of your tasks. When the new normal won’t be so new anymore, and you’ll have space to expand and evolve once more. Now is just not that time. Now is a time for deep concentration on what’s already in front of you. A time to respect what you have going on by giving it your full focus. You’re learning on your feet, in real time; getting on the ground experience. Think about a time when you started a new job (perhaps that’s even now) – you were in the thick of it, figuring it out step-by-step. It took time to learn all the ins and outs, to figure out a routine and flow, but you did it. And you’ll do it again with whatever you’re in the midst of working through. Try not to put any stress on yourself to figure it out faster, or better than last time. The Two of Pentacles calls on you to practice presence, and do your best to treasure this precious stage of new beginnings while you’re in it.

Gemini – The Lovers
It seems rather significant for The Lovers to turn up, since it’s the card associated with Gemini itself. This may be a sign that the Eclipse is calling on you to do some pretty deep inner energy work. To consider why you were born under this sign (or with a planet/your ascendant in this placement) and what Soul work you’re being invited to do within that context. Let’s consider that idea through the lens of The Lovers. Perhaps it’s appearance is in regards to your relationships and how you show up to them. Are you open, vulnerable, and available to those you love? Is there a balance between what you give and what you get? Are these exchanges of energy in your highest and best? Maybe you’re being encouraged to explore your duality. To find harmony in the many sides of you, possibly through the acceptance and integration of these dualities. Or, perhaps this could be a time for contemplating the way you go about making decisions. What’s your process for ensuring your choices and actions are in alignment with who you are now, not who you once were or who you may become? Through all of these questions we contemplate love – for others, for self, for all that surrounds us – and we see that so many things feel possible through it. Hopes and dreams, and the path to something beyond ourselves can be revealed through love.

Cancer – The High Priestess
Whenever I see The High Priestess, I’m usually drawn towards speaking about the card’s invitation to look within for the answers you’re seeking. To spend some time in self-reflection. To quiet the noise of the external, turn up the volume on the internal, and listen, deeply. Now, all of this is valid, and you may find it resonates with you at this time. However, I’m being called to share another side to the wisdom of The High Priestess today. One that’s perhaps not as romantic as the idea that we hold the knowledge of the Universe inside of us; that we are the keeper of our own mysteries and no one can guide us better than we can guide ourselves. Which is entirely true, and, yet, there are times when we’ll look deep within ourselves and we won’t find what we need. Times when we’ll listen as closely as humanly possible to what our inner voice is saying, and no sound will come. And that’s okay too. Sometimes, we aren’t meant to know. Sometimes, those answers that lie deep within us aren’t quite ready to surface. What The High Priestess wants you to know, dear Cancer, is that, even without these answers, YOU ARE ENOUGH. You can trust that, even if an inner knowing hasn’t made itself known to your conscious mind, it still exists somewhere inside of you. It is still part of you and will help you navigate whatever hurdles await you on your path. The challenge here is to trust in your internal power, even when you can’t quite feel or see it. Know that it’s there, waiting to make itself known when you’re ready. Even the Moon has shadow periods, where nothing is illuminated, but that’s always shifting. Be open to this same process inside you.

Leo – Five of Cups
Those heightened emotions I was talking about up top? Yeah, looks like they might factor kind of heavily into your Eclipse experience. I’m not going to sugarcoat this – though I will put a positive spin on it in just a second – because it’s not fun to feel like shit. It sucks that something has happened to make you feel so gloomy and lost. It’s rough to know that the world can be so difficult. It can be so debilitating when we’re in the thick of grief, unable to see anything outside of our tunnel vision. It may be a fact of life but I’d still take a sunny day over a rainy one. The thing is – here comes that positive spin – it’s also OKAY to feel like crap and the Five of Cups shows up when we need reminding of that. It’s healthy (to a point) to allow ourselves space to feel the lowest low, but our society doesn’t often give us that space within which to do so. We’re rushed into feeling better and moving on; to being brave and holding our heads high. Which, yeah, eventually we all need to do that, but only after we’ve permitted ourselves the time to properly feel what we need to feel. Bypassing sadness doesn’t get rid of sadness, it just pushes it deeper, where it festers and waits for another moment to strike. So, why not just allow yourself the gift of feeling these emotions now? Be kind and gentle with yourself, and remember that it won’t last forever. Once you’ve felt the loss of those 3 cups fully, the joy of finding the other 2 full cups will bring be that much more enlivening.

Virgo – Page of Swords
What’s got you feeling curious these days, Virgo? What’s been making your brain really buzz with interest? The Page of Swords is calling on you to go after it! To dive deep into whatever it may be and get completely immersed. Ask questions, be inquisitive, and explore all the angles. Be sure to write down any ideas or inspiration that comes your way because of it – and they’re sure to come, as this card is a good sign that what lies ahead is a time of very heightened mental acuity. Allow yourself to become enraptured by this subject, hobby, etc., and learn everything you can while this energy of sharpened awareness is available to you. Take advantage of this period where the energies are conducive to research because, inevitably, there will come a time when you have to move forward and get busy turning these ideas into something tangible; the luxury of slowing down to observe and document won’t be on offer. Don’t be afraid to share what’s on our mind during this process, either. You have every right to express yourself and your ideas deserve to be heard.

Libra – The Hanged One
The space between idea and action, the in-between, the liminal, can be an uncomfortable environment for many people. Being unable to take action and move forward, may trigger anxiety, stress, and worry. We start to wonder, who are we if we’re not doing? Of course, our capitalist society only exacerbates this issue; we’re told to keep going, keep hustling, keep striving, until we pretty much drop from exhaustion. The Hanged One is our invitation to cease that over-action and step into a space of waiting. Of pausing and shifting perspective. In this space, we can learn to trust the timing. We can let go of the fear of missing out and start embracing the joy of missing out. The Hanged One often appears when we’re being guided towards waiting for a more aligned path. The course we feel drawn to right now may not be the right one, or it may just not be the right time to follow it. We must rest and await further answers. It’s also typically a sign that big changes are on their way, too. Fortunately, this card’s calling to rest for a beat, goes hand-in-hand with the opportunity to prepare for that coming change. A chance to see how this period of discomfort is leading to an evolution that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. This card provides us with the gift of space to experience grief and its stages, so that we may come to terms with what’s about to shift. And while we hang in the balance, we may even experience an enlightenment about this shift that helps carry us through whatever comes next.

Scorpio – The Magician
Something is ready to be channeled through you, Scorpio. Some kind of creative expression is just waiting to be birthed and shared with the world. Are you ready to start co-creating with the Universe to bring these messages into being? Honestly, that can be a little intimidating for some. This idea of stepping into such great power, it takes confidence and determination. A willingness to live in deep inner alignment. A readiness to live in harmony and symbiosis with the Universe; a relationship that, yes, requires your openness to deliver messages, gifts from the Universe, but which in turn provides you with all the tools you need make your dreams into a reality. If I had to guess, I’d bet you’ve been in Magician energy before. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn you know the beauty, the genuine fulfillment of having done something that’s so divinely designed. Take a moment to remember what that felt like. The sensations produced when your thoughts and ideas were made manifest. The shift in perspective you experienced when you realized just how magical you truly are. Recall how you knew exactly what you wanted and just how to make it happen. You knew that everything you needed was at your disposal; the impossible felt quite possible. Now, speak out loud that you are ready once again to be a channel for the Universe – that you are ready to receive the abundance that wants to come through – and then, make your magic.

Sagittarius – The Devil*
During a Lunar Eclipse, the Earth casts a shadow over the Moon and we are invited to symbolically bear witness to this darkening. We are called to observe the shadow in the sky and then turn inward to consider our own. The Devil can help us with this process. The Devil brings something from deep inside of us up to the surface so that we can see it clearly. In this way, this card, this energy, is both a challenge and a gift. That clarity offers us the chance at liberation – to break free from negative cycles, to release internalized fears, to accept all sides of our true selves – but in doing so we are inherently forced to face something we may have been attempting to hide from or have been neglecting, whether consciously or not. The Devil casts a light on our shadows and asks us to resist the urge to shield our eyes or turn away. It’s a very valuable reminder that we have the power to free ourselves from whatever “bondage” might be holding us back. That we can liberate ourselves from the behaviours and decisions that keep us in contraction. The ones that prevent us from embodying our full and true selves, in unhealthy and unnecessarily constricting ways. The Devil can empower us to cut ties with the spiral of shame and guilt our conscious minds pull us into regarding these behaviours and decisions. So, Sag, as the cosmos align to help you with a great liberation, you might want to ask yourself: what chains are you ready to break free from, forever?

*A portion of this writing has appeared on my Instagram before and I thought it warranted re-use because of its connection with the Eclipse. I doubt it would have come to mind if it was not the message I was meant to share, but I wanted to be fully transparent about it regardless.

Capricorn – Ten of Wands
Listen, we get it, you’ve got ambition! You can do literally anything you set your mind to. You are tenacious and an all around badass when it comes to getting shit done. Still, it’s okay to ask for help once in a while – I promise, it won’t ruin your hard earned reputation as a BOSS. If the figure in the Ten of Wands hits a little too close to home you may want to ask yourself, why? How often have you found yourself in their position? Pushing your way towards your goal but so swamped with the endless tasks you’ve given yourself, that you can’t even see the potential obstacles in your way – like an open road, with no stop sign, where cars are likely to drive by. What stops you from reaching out to those you trust for a little support? Do you feel like you have to do this alone? Do you feel as though you have something to prove? What is it that keeps you in this pattern of carrying the weight of the world all by your lonesome? Perhaps a shift in perspective can help. Try not to perceive your asking for help as equivalent to placing a burden on someone, especially if that person has offered to help or if you know you can trust them. (If they wind up acting like it’s a burden, the relationship may need a closer look.) Try to see this situation as sharing the wealth. When you bring other people in to help with your projects and goals, you’re sharing your world with them. You’re opening up space for them to achieve something as well, even if it’s just being of service to someone they cherish. So, stop hogging all the wands, please!

Aquarius – Nine of Wands
How do you show up for yourself when the hustle is real? How do you caretake yourself through busy periods, when you don’t have the luxury of taking a vacation, let alone an extra 5 minute break? How do you keep yourself going when you’ve already struggled through so much? The Nine of Wands wants you to ask yourself those questions. Even if you find yourself in one of those busy periods right now; what better time to implement strategies and learn what works than when you’re in the thick of it? But even if things are chill right now, these questions are essential to consider before the next wave of hard work presents itself. Perhaps you need reminding of why you’re hustling in the first place. Is it because you’re working towards something you’re passionate about? If so, let that creative energy fuel you. Is it because you really need the money and there aren’t any other options right now? Try shifting to a perspective of gratitude for your cash flow and remember that nothing lasts forever. You may also want to come up with ways of keeping your body and mind nourished during these busy periods. Are you drinking enough water? Taking deep breaths? Allowing your brain time to shut down for even just 30 seconds when you have it? You have come so far, traversed so much ground to get to where you are; don’t ever dismiss the strength and persistence it took to get here.

Pisces – Ten of Pentacles
Though the sign of Cancer is certainly not limited to themes of home and family, it does have a strong connection to the concepts of ancestry and familial relationships. Similarly, the Ten of Pentacles goes much deeper than what’s on its surface – a family gathering – but it feels necessary to explore the familial themes of both this card and the Full Moon/Eclipse in Cancer. Together they suggest that a particular Soul journey you’ve been travelling through has come to an end, and now some level of release and/or healing might be on the horizon. It could be as simple (though certainly not insignificant) as making peace with a member of your family – which doesn’t have to mean mending fences, and could just be a way for you to move forward without the baggage. Or, it could be as complex as releasing a pattern, breaking a curse, that runs deep in your lineage. What have you inherited – beliefs, values, reputation, etc. – that you’re no longer willing to travel this life with? What new patterns are you ready to bring to not only your life but the lives of those who follow you? This Eclipse is an ideal time to leave the all the BS behind and use the space created for something better. One of the best things about this situation is that you’ve already done the work. You’ve already made it to the Ten – a number of culmination and fresh starts – so all that’s left is to honour yourself for the work, appreciate the position you’re in, and then consciously choose to move forward.


I hope you found some resonance in these messages.

As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts so please feel free to reach out – and let me know how you’re celebrating this Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse.

I’ll be back in two weeks with your Aquarius New Moon Tarotscopes, but, until then,

Full Moon and Eclipse blessings to you!


“Every day, once a day, give yourself a present. Don’t plan it.
Don’t wait for it. Just let it happen.”
– Dale Cooper, Twin Peaks

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