Libra Full Moon Tarotscopes

The next Full Moon will be exact on April 7th at 10:35 PM (ET), and will take place at 18 degrees of Libra.

Some pros & cons keywords for the Moon in Libra:

The Libra Full Moon is great for spending time with loved ones, making art, sprucing up your home, finding a better balance between work and relationships, and bringing some beauty to your self-care routines.

The Moon will transit Libra from the early evening of April 6th until the late afternoon of April 8th (eastern time.)

Now, onto your Full Moon Tarotscopes!

For those of you unfamiliar, Tarotscopes are essentially the same thing as a horoscope, except with Tarot cards. It is important to note, however, that I am not taking any specific planetary transits or aspects into consideration – apart from what sign the Moon is currently in, of course. For the most part, though, the messages you find below are based on what comes through from the card I pull for each sign.

Though my Tarotscopes are written with your Moon sign in mind, you should also feel free to read the messages that come through for your Sun and Rising signs. The same could be said for your Mercury placement, or even your Black Moon Lilith if you’re feeling so inclined! As always, my philosophy is to take what works and leave the rest.

Not sure what your Moon sign is? Find it here: (you won’t need your birth time, though that would make it much more accurate.)

Happy reading and Happy Full Moon!

Aries – strength
Now more than ever, it feels essential to seek a new perspective on what it means to be strong. As viewed through the lens of society, it’s a concept that’s often conflated with the word tough. It’s seen as something that makes us hard, almost impenetrable – because we’re tough, we don’t get hurt. Because we’re strong, we don’t have emotion. But Strength in the Tarot offers us something different. It asks us to find strength through compassion and vulnerability. It asks us to face what we fear with an open heart, so that we might shift those fears into allies. It’s an energy that shows us how developing a greater emotional maturity, instead of detaching ourselves from those emotions to feign toughness, is what truly helps us to build courage, confidence, and strength. We’re all being asked to face certain fears right now, so just do your best to keep your heart open to their lessons; to see them not as obstacles but as stepping stones to expansion. 

Taurus – five of swords
So, maybe you said something you wish you could take back, or you did something that seemed like a good idea at the time but ultimately wound up regretting. It’s a shitty feeling but try to keep in mind that we all make mistakes. Truly. It’s human nature; we all cross a line at some point. And at this specific time in history, where so much of what we’re feeling is in a heightened state, our nature is being tested that much more. That’s not to excuse whatever you did. No, you absolutely need to take responsibility for your actions, but it may also serve you to figure out how to move on from this mess because the only way to make this shitty feeling worse, is to dwell on it. Letting yourself become consumed with negative thoughts, and spiraling into self-doubt and self-hatred, would be highly unproductive. If you truly want to be and do better, great! Shift your perspective there and get back on track.

Gemini – ten of wands
You are certainly a force to be reckoned with right now. There is so much energy surrounding and available to you, and though it may seem like there’s a lot on your plate, you’re in a position energetically to accomplish what you set your mind to. What’s essential right now is to ensure you’ve got a proper outlet for all of this energy. That you’re channeling it into activities that truly light you up. So, focus on your passions; those projects that still manage to motivate you when all else fails. When you’re motivated, the work of carrying these “wands” feels like an inspiring challenge, with the potential for much growth. When you’re just pushing ahead for the sake of it – and without an outlet for all the energy – you’re on the fast track to burnout. So, find your outlet, and when necessary, ask for help!

Cancer – three of cups
At the risk of repeating both myself and so much of what’s out in the world of social media right now, just because we can’t be together in person, doesn’t mean we can’t be together at all. If you are reading this, you have the privilege of Internet access, and that likely means you’re capable of connecting with your loved ones via some kind of video chat. It may not feel the same, but it is something we should be grateful for. It is something we should be embracing and using to our advantage, whenever possible. Connection with your community, with the people who help make your safe space, doesn’t have to go away, it just needs to shift. Celebrate this Full Moon online, with your circle, and do what you can to make it feel just as special as it would IRL. Most importantly, find presence in these moments of virtual connection. Find the gratitude in what you have; honour the abundance that’s still surrounding you

Leo – the lovers
Normally I don’t feel called to speak too much about external relationships when this card comes up, but perhaps something about quarantine life has shifted that. If you are sharing a space with someone at this time, The Lovers invites you to do all that you can to make that space as harmonious as possible. Finding ways to compromise, while staying in alignment with your own highest and best, is so key right now. If you aren’t sharing space with someone at this time (or, really, even if you are) The Lovers invites you to reflect on the relationship you have with yourself, and to make changes where necessary. Now may be the perfect time to consider what choices you made in the past (or continue to make) that weren’t in the best interest of #1 (that’s you.) How can you make yourself a priority once more, and bring yourself back to a place of better alignment?

Virgo – Five of cups
So often we try to rush past the uncomfortable parts of life. The times when it’s not all rainbows and roses; when we’re mourning a loss, dealing with depression, or even moving through a global crisis. The Five of Cups comes around to remind us that not only is it okay to sit in the shit for a bit, it’s actually really healthy to do so. Grief, pain, sadness – all of the uncomfortable feelings – are part of life, and we’re going to experience them at some point whether we like it or not. This card is your permission to linger in those feelings. To let them wash over you, and to soak them in like you would with any other, more comfortable feeling. It’s okay to feel overwhelmed right now. You do not have to have it all figured out. Things will get better, and you’ll know when they do because the happiness, the lightness you feel, will be all the more bright thanks to the time you spent in the dark.

Libra – five of wands
Things are a little chaotic right now, to say the least, but instead of trying to control what can’t be controlled, do your best to embrace the mess. You may feel as though there are different forces within yourself competing for attention, and while that may be distracting and even a little confusing, it’s also a sign that you have a great deal of passion and drive. Channeling this ambition into something that lights you up will be essential, but the clarity on how to do so may only surface after you allow this temporary messiness to pass. And, like all things, this will eventually pass. For now though, do you what you can to surrender to this rocky energy. It’s possible this clutter will offer you the kind of perspective shift that simply wouldn’t have become apparent through a lens of order and structure.

Scorpio – four of wands
Even in these strange times, you are allowed to experience joy. In fact, you’re being invited to create a space for and dedicate time to that which brings you joy. By necessity, it may look different than what you’re used to, and perhaps you’re even being called to seek out new sources, but the Four of Wands wants you to know there is absolutely room in your life for this feeling. This card also came up in my Aries New Moon Reading, and I spoke about how it’s calling for us to find joy and connection despite our need for physical separation. That this is our opportunity to find new ways of engaging with both joy and community, and that perhaps even establishing some kind of structure around those things would be beneficial. Scheduling breaks in the day for letting loose, or regular meet-ups to laugh with friends may seem strange at first, but it’s really just a commitment to happiness.

Sagittarius – ace of swords
If you’ve been searching for clarity on something, take this as your sign that it’s on its way. In fact, it may already be right in front of you, so be sure that you’re open to receiving it. Consider the ways in which you might be obscuring your awareness – whether consciously or not – and make the effort to clear those blockages. One way of doing this is to first get a better sense of clarity about yourself, and the way you interact with the world around you. How do you perceive yourself and others. Why? What does that mean for your worldview? Getting a better sense of your own perspective may help to bring you a greater sense of awareness in general. Alternatively, perhaps you’ve already experienced the “a-ha moment” often symbolized by this Ace. In that case, your task now is to ground those new ideas in some level of reality; don’t let them float away!

Capricorn – Justice
Perhaps our current global situation has opened your eyes to certain truths about this world. Social media has been full of insightful messages asking people who are in isolation to consider, and try to empathize with, folks in prison or animals in zoos. As people lose their source of income and resources become less and less available, those of us fortunate enough to never really go without, are getting a glimpse at what life is like for those who often do. There is nothing fair about what’s happening right now, but fairness has never really been an actual truth of this world. Justice has shown up to invite you to look at these facts, straight in the face. To acknowledge the greater truth of how this world turns, and to then decide what you can do about it. No one is asking you to save the world, but this just might be your calling to take a stand. To stand up and speak out. To make the new world that much more just and fair, for everyone.

Aquarius – three of swords
Now more than ever, we need to learn how to speak from the heart. With so much increased pain and suffering happening around the globe, our hearts are bound to feel that weight. It’s essential that we work to unburden ourselves from the excess grief we’re carrying around, so that we might have a greater capacity for compassion and love – which is very much in need at this time. So, how do you go about getting something “off your chest”? Can you write about it? Perhaps there is someone you can talk to, whether they be a third party or someone near and dear to you? Or maybe screaming at the top of your lungs (into a pillow or something if you need to respect neighbours or housemates) will help to release some of those blockages? Whatever works, do it. Speak your truth and liberate yourself from this weight on your heart.

Pisces – eight of wands
There’s been a lot of talk on social media (and from myself as well) about how the world is in a state of collective pause, which it very much is, at least to an extent. However, so many aspects of our individual lives are not on pause, and couldn’t be even if we wanted them to. Bills still need paying, our bodies still need nourishing, and there are personal goals we may still want to achieve. It may be more accurate to think of this time as shift rather than a pause; we are in motion, but we’re just not quite sure where that motion will take us. The Eight of Wands says that, when pausing and reflecting doesn’t feel right anymore, when you feel that motivation to keep striving forward with your life, follow that drive. Finding your new normal and taking action on it is perfectly okay, and may be the perfect remedy for those of you who are seeking some kind of purpose amidst all this uncertainty. 


As always, I hope you found some resonance in these messages.

I’d love to hear from you, whether it’s about your Tarotscope or how you’re celebrating this lunation, so please feel free to reach out.

I’ll be back in about two weeks time with your Tarotscopes for the Taurus New Moon, but until then…


“Every day, once a day, give yourself a present. Don’t plan it.
Don’t wait for it. Just let it happen.”
– Dale Cooper, Twin Peaks

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