Taurus New Moon Tarotscopes

The Moon will transit Taurus from approximately 3:35 PM on April 22 until approximately 3:20 AM on April 25.

The next New Moon will be exact on the 22 of April at 10:25 PM, and will take place at 3 degrees of Taurus. (All times are eastern)

For those of you unfamiliar, Tarotscopes are essentially the same thing as a horoscope, except with Tarot cards. It is important to note, however, that I am not taking any specific planetary transits or aspects into consideration – apart from what sign the Moon is currently in, of course. For the most part, though, the messages you find below are based on what comes through from the card I pull for each sign.

Though my Tarotscopes are written with your Moon sign in mind, you should also feel free to read the messages that come through for your Sun and Rising signs. The same could be said for your Mercury placement, or even your Black Moon Lilith if you’re feeling so inclined! As always, my philosophy is to take what works and leave the rest.

Not sure what your Moon sign is? Find it here: https://www.astrocal.co.uk/moon-sign-calculator/ (you won’t need your birth time, though that would make it much more accurate.)

Happy reading and New Moon Blessings!

Aries – two of swords
*The decision you’re facing, must be considered through both a logical and an emotional lens. You’ll need to find a solution that brings some level of harmony and balance to your brain/ego and your intuition. This is usually easier said than done. Your first step might be to look within and see what you already know to be true. Then you could make a list of pros and cons, for both the logical and emotional factors. Most importantly, don’t seek external counsel; only you can determine the right course of action. You hold all the power.

*There’s nothing wrong with keeping yourself safe from information overwhelm, but be mindful of that turning into a self-imposed ignorance.  Don’t keep yourself in the dark when it really matters; awareness is a privilege we shouldn’t take for granted.  

Taurus – King of swords
*A deep truth needs telling. It may not be an easy truth to share, but expressing it has the power to heal both you and the person or people who (need) hear it.

*Your words hold great power; be mindful of how you wield them. Treat your ability to make an impact through communication as a serious responsibility, and one that deserves respect.

*You may find yourself in a situation that requires an objective approach. Do your best to put your emotions aside, in order to see the matter more clearly. This doesn’t mean you need to be cold or uncaring, but impartiality will help you to discern the solution that’s most beneficial for the greater good.

Gemini – ace of wands
*A New Moon is always a chance for a fresh start and the Ace of Wands only emphasizes that possibility. No more waiting, no more postponing, no more excuses, NOW is the time to say yes to that new beginning. The Ace of Wands is the spark of every fire, it’s the catalyst for growth. So, you don’t need to have this entire journey mapped out, you don’t even need to know anything beyond the first step. There will be plenty of time to plan your next moves, to set the goals and milestones; right now you just need to commit.

*Feeling uninspired? Make a list of things that light you up – the stuff that gives you that light and excited feeling. If you notice something on the list you haven’t had time for lately, now is the perfect moment to dive back in.

Cancer – three of wands
*You may finally be starting to see some results of your efforts, whether they were towards a hobby, career, relationship, or something else you feel passionate about. The future you put your energy into manifesting, has now become your present. Take a second to thank your past self for the putting the work in and to show gratitude for all that you have in the now.

*Perhaps you feel stuck, forced to just watch as opportunities and dreams pass you by. In our current climate that’s not a difficult pattern of thinking to fall into; there are avenues of growth that have, at least temporarily, been made inaccessible to us. It’s time to regroup. How can you shift your focus to see the opportunities still coming your way? How can you create new opportunities that work for the present moment? Open yourself to what’s still available and go for it.   

Leo – two of pentacles
*It’s okay to admit if you’ve taken on too much all at once. No one expects you to be perfect, or to do more than you’re mentally or physically capable of. Don’t burn yourself out for the sake of pride.

*You’re still in the beginning stages of something, and as much as you’d like to dive into the deep end of it all, your best bet right now is to get a handle on where you’re at right now. Growth and success are achievable but will come via well thought out ideas and grounded planning.

*Practical, responsible, realistic, disciplined, focused: these are key strengths to build, maintain, and exercise at this Full Moon.   

Virgo – the high priestess
*This time of isolation has forced many of us to go back to basics in certain ways. Just look at all the pictures of homemade bread on social media! Part of that journey if we allow for it, can be getting back to our own basics, too. As the world undergoes this massive shift, you can anchor yourself by dropping in with your inner voice. Perhaps it’s something you tried to avoid when things were “business as usual.” It was easy to block out with the noise of the everyday, and there are still plenty of ways you can ignore it now. However, this voice, this intuitively-lead guidance, is your birthright and it can lead you towards a path of highest and best. At this New Moon, give yourself some space to get quiet and really listen in; maybe you’ll wind up liking what you hear.

Libra – seven of swords
*Keep your eyes on your own paper. Comparing yourselves to others is usually a one-way ticket to self-criticism and feelings of lack. It’s okay to glance at how others are navigating right now, but ultimately you have to figure out a way that works for you.

*What thoughts and beliefs are you carrying around that A) are no longer in alignment with who you are? and B) weren’t even really yours to carry in the first place? Let that shit go. *You made a decision to take one path but you now can’t help thinking about what could have been. Before you let regret sink in, remember: the grass is always greener on the other side. You chose a direction, now give yourself to it wholeheartedly.

Scorpio – knight of wands
*It’s time to freshen up an aspect of your life that’s feeling a little stale. Which, to be fair, might be a little tricky in this current climate, but just start with something small. If you’re working from home, try sprucing up your office area. If you’ve been wearing the same sweatshirt all week, get dressed up for no other reason than just to shake things up.

*There’s some kind of situation or project you’re involved with that needs an infusion of energy and passion. It needs your unique touch: a touch of pizzazz that only you can bring to the table. No need to feel you have to reinvent the wheel, simply put your own original spin on things.

Sagittarius – the fool
*New adventures are calling. The New Moon is a time of beginnings and The Fool is the ultimate YES to those beginnings. This card is your invitation to leap wholeheartedly into your next journey, even if all you can see is what’s directly in front of you. Every great journey begins with that first, single step.

*As we grow older, we lose a certain sense of our wildness. As children we don’t feel the same weight of responsibility; our brains aren’t as focused on the long term impacts of our decisions. What if you tapped into that energy and allowed yourself to be a little more carefree in your current life? What if you stopped being so serious about everything and just lived in the present moment more often?

Capricorn – six of cups
*Your inner child is calling out for attention and love. Given our current climate, it’s completely understandable if tending to that inner little one isn’t your number one priority. It may serve you to shift those priorities though, even if only slightly. Even if all you can spare is five minutes, to just sit with them and show them some love, that may be all it takes. 

*Make time for simple joys at this New Moon. The stuff you may have gone wild for as a kid that maybe doesn’t seem like such a big deal now. Like ice cream for lunch, staying up late to watch a scary movie, going for a bike ride, or whatever it is that brings a smile to your face without much effort. 

Aquarius – the magician
*Those dreams and ideas you’ve been meditating on are ready to be channeled into something external now. There is some kind of message inside you that’s calling out to be expressed. How that manifests – whether it’s through writing, cooking, painting – doesn’t really matter. The bottom line is that it’s ready to be birthed.

*Take some time at this New Moon to get in touch with the elements. You may want to have a look at your Natal Chart and see where a particular element isn’t as fully represented, and then focus on that. For example: if you have no Earth placements in your chart, you may find a grounding meditation to be beneficial. Or, perhaps you have a ton of Water placements, in which case finding a way to balance that through bringing more Air, Earth, and Fire into your life, will help bring you into better alignment.

Pisces – eight of cups
*If you’ve been looking for a sign that it’s time to move on, this is it. If you’ve already made that decision but you’re still experiencing some doubts around it, don’t. A new path is calling you, and no matter how wild it seems, you know deep down that it’s the right one. Trust your gut.

*Just because you’ve put your heart and soul into something – be it a project, relationship, or otherwise – doesn’t mean you can’t walk away when the time feels right. You aren’t failing if you do so. You’re not giving up. The experiences you’ve had, the growth you’ve undergone doesn’t get left behind, it’s part of you now. You owe it to yourself to see what else is out there.


As always, I hope you found some resonance in these messages.

I’d love to hear from you, whether it’s about your Tarotscope or how you’re celebrating this lunation, so please feel free to reach out.

I’ll be back in about two weeks time with your Tarotscopes for the Scorpio Full Moon, but until then…


“Every day, once a day, give yourself a present. Don’t plan it.
Don’t wait for it. Just let it happen.”
– Dale Cooper, Twin Peaks

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