Scorpio Full Moon Tarotscopes

The next Full Moon will be exact on May 7 at 6:47 AM, and will take place at 17 degrees of Scorpio.

So, I might be a little biased – what with the fact this Full Moon will be exact on the same degree as my natal Sun and all – but I think this lunation is going to be a pretty powerful one. Scorpio is already a sign of such emotional depth and intensity, and that fact is only emphasized and underlined when it collides with the Full Moon’s ability to heighten the nature of all energy.

A Moon in Scorpio tends to bring up emotions that have been stirring under the surface and possibly even neglected. It can motivate us to uncover and explore those emotions, and really get deep into their roots. These emotions don’t have to be the traditionally tough ones, but rather the ones you find personally sticky. For example, if you find accepting joy to be difficult, then that may be your buried emotion that’s coming to the surface.

You probably know that Scorpio is typically represented by the Scorpion – symbolic of the tender inner world of a Scorpio, protected by its tough exterior and stinger! – but did you know the phoenix is also this sign’s symbol? This unbeatable bird tat rises from its ashes, represents the sheer power of transformation and rebirth at the heart of Scorpio.

Feel your feels – let that shit go – and then rise in your new power!

That said, watch out for things like jealousy, obsession, possessiveness, and cynicism – traits of Scorpio that could very well be heightened at this time. Look to where Scorpio is in your own birth chart, to see where some focused investigating could help feed the Scorpio need to go deep.

The Moon will transit Scorpio from approximately 3:05 AM on May 6 until approximately 3:15 AM on May 8.

(All times are eastern)

Now, onto your Full Moon Tarotscopes!

For those of you unfamiliar, Tarotscopes are essentially the same thing as a horoscope, except with Tarot cards. It is important to note, however, that I am not taking any specific planetary transits or aspects into consideration – apart from what sign the Moon is currently in, of course. For the most part, though, the messages you find below are based on what comes through from the card I pull for each sign.

Though my Tarotscopes are written with your Moon sign in mind, you should also feel free to read the messages that come through for your Sun and Rising signs. The same could be said for your Mercury placement, or even your Black Moon Lilith if you’re feeling so inclined! As always, my philosophy is to take what works and leave the rest.

Not sure what your Moon sign is? Find it here: (you won’t need your birth time, though that would make it much more accurate.)

Happy reading and Happy Full Moon!

All good things must come to an end. And when they do, they don’t disappear, you don’t have to pretend they never happened – you take the memories and the life experience with you. Forever. Still, there are times in life when you’ll be called to move on. To walk away from situations, relationship, jobs, ways of being, etc., which despite making deep emotional investments in, you know intuitively are no longer serving you. As much as you may still love or find joy in these things, you’ve come to a place where, in order to keep growing, you’ve got to keep going. It’s not a failure to walk away, even though it might seem as though you’re giving up or turning your back on something you put so much effort into. It takes guts to move on, to go in search of the next stage in your journey. You’ll never be the same again, and it’s totally okay to mourn that, but it’s also okay to be stoked about the possibilities of your transformation.

Whenever the Moon travels through Scorpio, it forms the aspect known as an opposition with your own natal Moon. This can lead to an emotionally challenging few days each month, which is only heightened when that Scorpio Moon is Full. The King of Cups is your invitation to pay special attention to your emotions during this lunation, because the more in tune with them you are, the better equipped you’ll be to handle a potentially bumpy ride. This King can offer you the kind of emotionally steady energy to ride the waves of chaos with ease. You must be willing to be open and truthful about what you’re feeling, though. Encourage others to be open and honest with you, too. There is no room for secrets, buried or unexpressed emotions at this time. Bottling things up is not in your best interest, or that of your closest relationships – the area of life that will likely be most affected by this particular Full Moon.

Imagine the feeling of that first warm and sunny day of the spring or summer season. You’re wearing one of your favourite outfits, one that you haven’t been able to wear in a while so it feels brand new and yet fits like a second skin. That feeling, that glow, that “rightness” is Queen of Wands energy. Think about how easy things feel in that state of mind; how confident and ready to take on the world you are in those moments. You can channel that energy consciously whenever you like, by calling in this Queen. Remember her invitation to live authentically by following that which lights you up. Remember her call to take that which you are deeply passionate about and ground it into something tangible. Though this Queen cares about others, she does not care how people might perceive her. She finds too much joy in following her passions to concern herself with external opinion. Channel your inner Queen of Wands to take on the world at this Full Moon.

With a Moon in Cancer, you’re probably no stranger to the more intuitive and emotional side of yourself. It’s likely something you take quite seriously, and have no issue allowing your emotions to guide the way. The Page of Cups is calling you to lighten up though, just a little. That’s not to say you should disregard your intuition or emotions, but be open to working with them in new and perhaps unexpected ways. Connecting with your inner self doesn’t have to look a certain way, it doesn’t have to be so focused or specific. It can take on very free and quite playful “structure.” When’s the last time you put your imagination in the driver’s seat? Played a little make believe? Let yourself be silly? Or how about let yourself be creative, without needing whatever you created to be for anything more than just the sake of creativity? Relax and let your inner child come out to play; this your Full Moon challenge, should you accept it.

It’s time to get organized and focus on the details. They say don’t sweat the small stuff, and that’s a sentiment that definitely has its place and time, but it’s not here, not now. This Full Moon may be an ideal time for you to put final touches on whatever loose ends you have yet to wrap up. It may also be a great time for rethinking a certain project; revisiting it to make the necessary edits and get it all polished up. If you’re ready to embark on a new learning adventure, like taking up a new hobby or setting a new goal, be aware that it’s likely going to take a lot of dedication and focus. Perhaps more than you may be used to. It may feel quite tedious at first, but keep going. The level of commitment you put in now, will reflect the payoff you get back down the road.

*Are you open, vulnerable, and available to those you love? Is there a balance between what you give and what you get? Are these exchanges of energy in your highest and best?
*How much do you contemplate the innate dualities of your Self? Do you need to work on accepting these dualities, even those that may be hard to love, and find a way to integrate them as a means to find a deeper harmony of Self?
*How do you make decisions? Not necessarily the everyday stuff, like what to have for dinner or what to wear for your next Zoom meeting. But, how do you go about making big life decisions? What’s your process for ensuring your choices and actions are in alignment with who you are now, not who you once were or who you may become?
*Through all of these questions we contemplate love – for others, for self, for all that surrounds us – and we see that so many things feel possible through it. Hopes and dreams, and the path to something beyond ourselves can be revealed through love.

This Full Moon may be an ideal time to take a look at what habits, behaviours, values, beliefs, etc., you find yourself clinging to, without truly understanding why. Perhaps this is just the way you’ve always done things, and that’s okay, but does it really serve you to keep doing so in the here and now? These things you’re gripping to may feel safe and secure, but what if they’re actually just keeping you stagnant, rigid, and unable to grow? There’s a difference between grounding yourself and staying true to what you value, and being stubborn and stuck in outdated patterns because it’s just easier that way. Perhaps the last few weeks has shifted your perception of what you value, and what you deem worthy of placing value upon. A Full Moon is a great time for release work, so use its energy to fully let go of these trappings. In doing so, you’ll be making room for abundance to flow in.

New beginnings. New adventures. Taking a leap. Taking a chance on yourself. This Full Moon may bring illumination to an area of your life that needs shaking up; a perspective or relationship that could use a fresh spin. Scorpio is a Fixed sign, meaning it has a tendency to stick to the same patterns and routines, which is very valuable when it comes to commitment and having the patience to see something through. However, this can also manifest as stubbornness, and difficulty in recognizing when certain behaviours, relationships, projects, etc., are no longer serving you. The Fool invites you to open yourself up to the possibilities of what a fresh start could bring your way. You already know how much you excel at staying the course, and committing for the long haul. Why not take this as your opportunity to grow in the area of initiating and embarking on something new?

What’s this life really all about? Why are you here, right now, and what did you come to manifest in this lifetime? Those are the questions the Page of Pentacles invites you to pursue. There’s no mistake that you’re here, in this now, in this year, with all the knowledge and experience you currently have – but what are you meant to be doing with it? Where will your innate talents be most beneficial? Even if you’ve embarked on this kind of soul-searching before and even if you found answers, the energy of the Universe is always shifting and so too is our Soul Purpose. It may not change in any drastic ways, but perhaps you’ve done all you can in one area of life or work, and now you’re being called to shift focus. Or, perhaps you’ve lost sight of what your Soul Path is, and this Page has come to invite you to course-correct. Either way, this is an exciting time to make moves on your life’s bigger journey.

What kind of legacy do you want to leave behind? This doesn’t necessarily have to denote something financial, though it could if that’s what calls to you. Your legacy can be about the impact you made, the path you walked, the way you lived your life, and how that paved the way and possibly even opened certain doors for those who follow you. The way you move through the world and the areas of life you place value on, have the potential to guide others in their own decision making about how they can best walk in their truth. When the Ten of Pentacles shows up, it’s an invitation to consider the kind of ancestor you want to be. Are you taking the necessary steps to leave that story behind? If not: how can you get back in track? If you are: fabulous! Perhaps this Full Moon is a time to celebrate and honour the work you’ve been doing.

Whenever the Moon moves through Scorpio, it forms a square aspect with your own natal Moon. A square is one of the harder aspects; it’s not necessarily bad, but it can lead to certain challenges and difficulties. The Knight of Cups is your invitation to let your heart lead the way during this Full Moon, and while the Moon transits Scorpio in general. This Knight encourages you to let go of any need to take things too seriously, which isn’t to say they shouldn’t be given the importance they deserve, but that whatever it is doesn’t have to symbolize a total catastrophe. Do your best to take a compassionate approach to all things. Infuse tense situations with warmth and understanding. Take your time with people, activities, and yourself – there is no need to rush through anything right now. Patience and empathy are the keys to making it through these few days with the most ease.

What if you could change the world, just by following what lights you up? You’re being called to share your vision. Your perspective on a certain something is completely unique to you, and no one else would be capable of bringing it into the world like you can. Whatever this vision is, it’s something you know a good deal about; you’re no novice on the subject. This is something you’ve felt passionate about for some time. When someone else mentions the topic, your eyes light up and it’s instantly obvious just how enthusiastic you are about it. Whatever this is, it feeds your spirit. The King of Wands is your invitation to be bold and share this love, this gift, with the world – or even just your immediate community. You have the chance to lead by example here, because in sharing whatever this deep passion is, you’ll likely wind up inspiring others to do the same.


As always, I hope you found some resonance in these messages.

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I’d love to hear from you, whether it’s about your Tarotscope or how you’re celebrating this lunation, so please feel free to reach out.

I’ll be back in about two weeks time with your Tarotscopes for the Gemini New Moon. Until then…


“Every day, once a day, give yourself a present. Don’t plan it.
Don’t wait for it. Just let it happen.”
– Dale Cooper, Twin Peaks

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